Looking for San Francisco Bay Area film school? You’re at the right place. If you have a strong passion for movie making, want to learn in a real world environment using state-of-the-art HD video equipment and work with industry professionals, then you are an excellent candidate for FilmSchoolSF, one of the top Bay Area film schools.

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We encourage you to call or contact us today and make an appointment with our admissions department so we can take you on a tour of the film school facilities, introduce you to our instructors, get familiar with our programs and admissions, and give you an opportunity to talk with our students.

You can also attend one of our FREE Open House events to introduce you to the world of digital filmmaking, learn more about San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, our instructors, programs and admissions. FilmSchoolSF is located in the heart of the Bay Area – downtown San Francisco.

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FilmSchoolSF Programs require the ability to use language, math and computer skills adequate with the roles and responsibilities of a digital filmmaker.

San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking does not offer home study or correspondence instruction programs.

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