Documetary training institute: Jeffery Leon accomplishes his goals with the help of FilmSchoolSF

“I can honestly say that I have definitely learned a lot from the documentary training program, FilmSchoolSF staff and my classmates regarding documentary filmmaking and acting. Not only have I been able to see the improvements from my previous works before registering into the program, but my family and friends around me have noticed the difference too. I have accomplished so much of the things I wanted to do in this one-year program that I couldn’t have done on my own and especially in this short amount of time with very little expense. I have been able to complete a high quality commercial for my business, a documentary for my family, and a couple of short films to kick-start my own documentary filmmaking company so be on the lookout for “PROGRESSIVE IMAGE FILMS” in the very near future.

When I saw this filmmaking school and communicated with the FilmSchoolSF staff regarding their documentary training program and what they had to offer I knew that I was in the right place at the right time. Thanks FilmSchoolSF, I won’t forget where I came from. Peace and continued blessing to you all.”

Jeffery Leon (Davis)
Advanced Digital Filmmaking Program
Fall 2005

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