Making the Career Change to Film – Joe Ragusa’s Story


I graduated from FilmSchoolSF’s digital training in October of 2007. At thirty-nine years old, I had run my own business for 12 years but was always consumed with the dream of making movies. Since I had been involved in acting and directing drama groups for most of my life, I have always been fascinated with movies. So I trucked off from my hometown of Yuba City, CA to San Francisco to attend FilmSchoolSF.

Going to film school was a great adventure and a wonderful experience getting to know all the teachers while learning under their expertise. I made great friends who share the same passions I have for film. The school prepared me and gave me the knowledge to make films from beginning to end. I am excited about my future and the possibilities that lie ahead.

My thesis film FRICTION made it into the Sacramento Film Festival and will be playing on the big screen in August. This is a great reflection of what this school did for me. I am thankful for the school and all the people who worked so hard on making this film.  If you have a desire to make films, FilmSchoolSF is the place for you!



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