Hands-on Learning.

Real World Experience.

The San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking offers a number of exciting and challenging programs of study. Our flagship Digital Filmmaking Program is designed to prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry and for the past four years has boasted a 92% job placement rate for graduates. The Short Film and Visual Storytelling Workshops give students a valuable hands-on immersion into the art and craft of movie making. Our 6-Month Documentary Filmmaking Workshop trains students who are ready to delve into the world of non-fiction movie making.

Digital Filmmaking Program – 12 or 18 months

Our immersive hands-on Digital Filmmaking Program prepares students for successful careers in the entertainment industry. With it’s project-based curriculum, this program is designed for training students passionate about learning the art and craft of filmmaking. Graduates will possess the necessary skills and experience needed to become directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, editors and independent filmmakers. One of the best film school programs in California.


Documentary Filmmaking Program – 6 Months

Our 6-Month Documentary Filmmaking Program is designed for training students who are ready to delve into the world of non-fiction digital filmmaking. Students entering this film course must come with a specific documentary project in mind that they will produce during the digital training program. Students begin by learning the basics of camera, lighting, story development, proposal writing and interviewing skills.



Short Film Workshop – 3 Months or 5 Week Schedule

FilmSchoolSF offers a number of exciting and challenging digital film courses, many of which can be taken part-time.
Our film school’s Short Film Workshops give students a valuable hands-on immersion into the art and craft of digital moviemaking. All FilmSchoolSF digital film courses have a project-based curriculum that combines classroom study with hands-on digital filmmaking using professional equipment.



Visual Storytelling Workshop -5 Weeks

This intensive hands-on digital training workshop teaches students the fundamentals of digital filmmaking and visual storytelling. Students learn core digital filmmaking skills: basic composition and digital cinematography, “painting” with natural light, directing 101, producing, non-linear editing and post-production. Offered during the summer as a 2-Week daytime class and during the rest of year as a 4-Week part-time evening class.


Introduction to Filmmaking Workshop – 1 Day

New to filmmaking, and want to learn the basics? Our 1-Day Introduction to Filmmaking class is the perfect place to start! In this hands-on intensive film class, students are offered instruction in the basics of storytelling and screenwriting, pre-production and planning, film camera composition and shooting, lighting for the camera, editing techniques Adobe Premier Pro basics, and strategies for launching a career in the digital filmmaking industry.



Open House- Every 2nd Thursday of the Month

Tour our Stage, talk with the faculty about our unique hands-on, digital filmmaking programs, enjoy refreshments and meet other aspiring filmmakers! Imagine a school where the movie set is your classroom and you are telling your story in motion pictures; where you are actually shooting with High Definition cameras, setting up lights on a real sound stage, producing, screenwriting, and making tough creative and technical decisions.