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In addition to our Digital Filmmaking Workshops and Programs, FilmSchoolSF offers a unique, one-day digital filmmaking boot camp experience!

Our one day digital filmmaking workshop – Introduction to Filmmaking – is the perfect place to start! In this hands-on intensive class, students are offered instruction in the basics of storytelling and screenwriting, pre-production and planning, film camera composition and shooting, lighting for the camera, editing techniques and Final Cut Pro basics, and strategies for launching a career in the digital filmmaking industry.

Whether you are a novice looking for a primer on all the aspects of making a film, a veteran who needs a refresher, or just a movie buff interested in the behind-the-scenes process, FilmSchoolSF’s one day Introduction to Digital Filmmaking workshop is the perfect place to start!

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UPCOMING 2014 DATES for One Day Introduction to Digital Filmmaking Workshops:
Friday – November 7th
Saturday – November 15th
Friday – December 5th
Saturday – December 13th

Class Schedule:
10:00AM – 5:00PM

TUITION: $99.00

“I was in the midst of following my passion for digital filmmaking when I stumbled across FilmSchoolSF and took one of their one-day digital filmmaking workshops. I was hooked from the beginning, and knew this was the right place: a workshop rooted in *doing* film production and building your craft, not just studying it. In twelve months I would learn what I didn’t already know about digital filmmaking: not just directing, editing, lighting; but also the role of the producer, including budgeting, putting together a packet, and making your pitch. This was easily the most productive and transformative 12 months of my adult life. … If you know in your heart that you were put on Earth to tell stories, then you owe it to yourself to explore this and create yourself as a filmmaker. Don’t do it because you can; do it because you must.” – Randy Hall, Filmmaker, Raconteur, Scoundrel

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