FilmSchoolSF Alum Earns a Job At Beau Bonneau Casting

california film school job opportunitiesMore good news; another SFSDF alum earns a job in San Francisco’s competitive media economy.

SFSDF Class 10 graduate Katie Koch was recently hired for a 3-month stint by Bay Area casting leader Beau Bonneau Casting to help with Extras. With a talent base of over 15,000 people, the company fulfills the need for high quality talent for film, commercials, television, industrials and print.

What are you working on now at Beau Bonneau?
“Right now we’re casting a period film about Ernest Hemingway with Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman, that’s going to be on HBO. The most exciting part of the job is getting to help pick the people who are going to be extras in a film. It’s like I’m helping cast a big movie.

Any other film side-projects?
I just finished filming my first short film (GOLDEN GIRL) after graduating. I was the writer and director, SFSDF alum Harmony Nichol was the producer, SFSDF alum Sean Sullivan was the DP, SFSDF alum Keren Hantman was the AD, and a bunch of other SFSDF graduates we’re the crew.

california film school job opportunities

Katie Rocks Pink – On-set of GOLDEN GIRL (photo: Harmony Nichol)



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