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See what our digital film school students have to say about their student experience at FilmSchoolSF or let us know and we’ll have a student or alumni give you a call.

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FilmSchoolSF produces hundreds of films every year. From witty commercials to insightful documentary work, our students consistently deliver the highest quality, engaging films. Please have a look.

Living in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful, exciting and challenging cities in the world and living and learning here may be one of the most fulfilling times in your life. Learn a little bit about how to find a place to live in the SF Bay Area and a few other things, too.

TORN the Movie, Jeremiah Birnbaum

Feature Film Apprenticeships 

Students working on Fog City Pictures feature films become actively involved in the professional digital filmmaking community, learn critical on-set skills and get a valuable credit for their work on the digital film.